Without Music, I'm Nothing

***made alive by the music***
My life revolves around my guitar, drums, or piano!
be crazy; be careless; be hopeful; be silly;
ALWAYS love; ALWAYS dream;
smile through the loneliness;
>>Jesus Saves<<
The Beatles; Harry Potter; Mean Girls; Skins; Lana Del Rey; Avril Lavigne; Evanescence...
***music set me free***

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Theatre Girls- Hopelessly hitting on gay dudes since forever.



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Standing under lights during cue to cue.

It Isn’t An Audition Unless You…


1) are recovering from being sick

2) are sick

3) are getting sick


do you ever stub your toe and just

Between auditions and cast list

Me: I hope I get it. This show is SO GREAT UGh. I need to be part of the cast.
Me: My singing was off pitch. My monologue was weird. Did I project enough? The room had weird acoustics.
Me: I stumbled a few times dancing.
Me: I picked the wrong picture for my headshot.
Me: It's okay. They won't notice those little details.
Me: Loads of people auditioned that day. They won't notice a few little things.
Me: *Rewatches show*
Me: I should've asked for THAT role instead
Me: I hope they consider me for it, even if I didn't ask for it
Me: OMG no but the LEAD
Me: Ugh, I want the lead
Me: When I get the lead, I hope the love interest is nice. I hope they're good looking. I can't wait for costumes. And to rock that song! THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING
Me: What if I don't get in at all?
Me: It's okay, I had lots of good things on my resume. I was fine. I'm just paranoid.
Me: I hope I'm good enough for the ensemble
Me: I hope they'll let me in tech
Me: I'm so gonna get the lead.
Me: I'm so fucked.

Story. Of. My. Life.